Frazier Heating & Cooling is now Darnold Lyons Heating and Cooling

Same great HVAC & plumbing services, only the name is changing

"Two years ago, I decided to add Frazier Heating & Air Conditioning to our family business, Darnold Lyons Heating and Cooling. Frazier has been providing quality services in the region since 1952 and they were a great fit for the work we do. You may not have realized that our Darnold Lyons service technicians have been working with Frazier customers for years now. When you call Frazier, you are talking to Becky at our main Darnold Lyons office. To simplify things, we decided to formally consolidate the businesses. We will continue to provide the same great service in the Montgomery, Oak Hill, Fayetteville and Beckley areas. If you need HVAC or plumbing service, please call 304-744-8474 and we can help you - just like we always have."

-Grant Spencer
President, Darnold Lyons Heating and Cooling

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